Our Team:-

The core competence of WSC Consultants is based on:-

   ⇒  Team of qualified and experienced professionals
   ⇒  Decades of experience across industry verticals
   ⇒  Jointly carried audits with certification bodies’
   ⇒  Customized-training modules and workshops

We are a team of professionals having best practice experience in several industries.

Educational qualifications ranging from MBA with hands on experience of auditing firms on ISO and other management system standards.

Supported by credentials, which include Qualified Lead Auditor accreditation by the prestigious International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA - UK), SAI etc.
The primary strength of our team is to work with the client organization to optimize resources and implement the improvement strategies successfully.
Our Team acts as a coach on the sidelines, encouraging and motivating client’s employees to perform the tasks necessary to reach certification.