Management System Development & Certification:-

Consultancy Service for Management System Certification is depending on the Organization’s strength, complexity of the processes involved, WSC Consultants prepares a detailed plan to ensure a smooth and efficient way of implementing the Management System. However, the general module wise implementation is as follows :

Module 1 - Training

Awareness Program on obtaining certification like (ISO 9001 etc), Documentation levels and concept for Management, Staff and Team Members.

 Module 2 - Basic Planning

Understanding the organization activities and processes / visit to the facilities and existing setup /Detailed gap Analysis / meeting with core members who shall be directly involved in the implementation of Management System.

Understanding the expectations of Top Management from Management System Implementation

Nomination of Core Team and / or Management Representative/Team Leader for Management System Implementation

Module 3 -Practical Implementation and Data Generation

⇒ Department wise Implementation meetings

⇒ Detail Study about legal and other requirements (Local, National & International)

⇒ Develop Management System Manual

⇒ Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) & Management System Procedures

⇒ Process wise Flow Charts

⇒ Formation of Work Instructions

⇒ Formation of Forms require for Management System

⇒ Finalization of QHSE/FSMS/Social Policies and Objectives & Targets

  • ⇒ Conduct Risk Assessment with Facility Team    
        Product & Quality,
        Health & Safety,
        Food Safety

⇒ Plan, review & execute drills on Emergency Response Plan

⇒ Develop Investigate incident/accident system & report writing

⇒ Explaining the concept of Internal Audits

⇒ Training of internal auditors

⇒ Conducting Management Review Meeting

Module 4 – Pre-Assessment Auditing

Carrying out Pre-Assessment Audit and subsequent elimination of non-conformities

Module 5 - External Auditing

To be present during certification Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits (If required by the organization)

Final - Assessment by third party certifying body

For other services Modules will be develop according to the work requirements and/or assignments.

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