Management System Maintenance -

For most companies, being certified is well recognized as organization with quality practices. To enjoy the maximum capacity of the established Management System, a company must strive for continuous improvement. Apart from the mandatory requirement of Continuing Assessment Visits/Surveillance Visit by the Certification Body, there are times that a Company may undergo organizational changes, restructuring or changes of current operational practices.  All these different situations contribute to the continuous improvement process and do require management attentions in the maintenance of their implemented Management System.

Our rich experience consultants understand the rules, regulations and requirements of surveillance and recertification audits with professional auditing skills and practical knowledge of internal standards application, system improvement can be achieved effectively, efficiently and also timely.

We also understand the limitations of small organizations who may have limited work force or not so qualified staff, but still desire to maintain ISO or Social program. The most cost-effective, efficient and worry-free way to do this work for small organizations. Our following comprehensive Maintenance Program is tailored to any individual situation.

  • Review Current Documentation
  • Interview Staff to ascertain changes
  • Correct and Update Documentation as needed
  • Internal Audits prior to Surveillance Audits
  • Consulting during Surveillance Audits
  • Responding to Non-conformance Reports

Under this  System Maintenance Program, our consultant can visit facility before Surveillance Audit to review and update documentation, interview staff to ascertain changes and even conducts internal audits.

Our continuous maintenance program is less expensive than having a full-time employee committed to the standards initiative. We can make changes swiftly and adroitly to accommodate the requirements

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